How Are Aluminum Cans Sealed?

Aluminum cans have become a part of our everyday life, but have you ever stopped to think about how they are sealed so securely? As the demands for sustainability increase, more people begin to look towards eco-friendly alternatives such as aluminum cans. However, in order for aluminum cans to be effective for storing beverages and other products, their tight seals must be intact.

In today’s blog post, we will take a deeper dive into the definition of aluminum cans, how these cans are sealed and what processes are behind this process. So if you’re curious or simply want to learn something new – stick around!

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    1.What Are Aluminum Cans?

    Aluminum Cans

    Aluminum cans are a type of packaging typically used for storing and transporting beverages. These cans are made from thin sheets of aluminum that are shaped into cylindrical containers with lids or caps at either end.

    Aluminum is a lightweight yet strong material, allowing for thinner walls in the can so it can be produced more cheaply and with less waste. Aluminum cans are also highly recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly packaging choice.

    These cans provide a great way to store, transport and serve drinks without the need for glass bottles or plastic containers. This makes them ideal for use in restaurants and bars, as well as convenient for outdoor events and camping trips.

    2.How Are Aluminium Cans Are Sealed?

    Electrical Can Sealing Machines

    Aluminum can seal process undergoes several operational stages. They include:

    Aluminum Cans Seaming

    Aluminum cans are sealed using a seaming process that involves the application of force to join two edges of the can lid and body together. The lid is pre-cut with a bead and curl that act as locking mechanisms when compressed during seaming. This process requires specialized seaming equipment including rollers, cutters and sealers.


    Aluminum cans undergo several stages of rolling to ensure an effective seal between the lid and body of the can. Rollers are used to shrink the diameter of the can in order for it to accept a pre-cut lid (made from aluminum or tinplate) that has been stretched to fit over it. This process also creates the “bead” that acts as a locking mechanism when the two edges are compressed together.


    Aluminum cans must then be cut to length before they can be sealed. After the lid has been placed over the can, a cutting blade is used to trim off any excess material. This also helps to create a good, clean seal between the lid and body of the can, since there will not be any sharp edges on either side of the seam.


    The final step in sealing aluminum cans is using a sealer to press and secure both edges of the can together tightly. Sealers come in various configurations (manual or automated) and use strong air pressure or electricity to press both edges of the can together and create a tight, secure seal. Aluminum cans sealed in this way are then ready for distribution.

    3.Types Of Machines Used To Seal Aluminium

    Can sealer machines are composed of several components including: a rotating disc, a conveyor belt, an infeed system, and a filling block. The rotating disc is responsible for forming the aluminum cans to the correct shape. The conveyor belt moves the cans along from station to station.

    The in freed system ensures that the cans are properly loaded onto the machine’s rotary disc in order for it to be sealed properly. Finally, the filling block is used to fill up the cans with the appropriate product before they are sealed.

    The following types of machines can be used when sealing aluminum cans.
    a)Electrical Can Sealing Machines

    Electrical Can Sealing Machines

    This type of can sealing machine uses electricity to drive the process, making it suitable for production on a large scale. It is also capable of producing a hermetic seal which helps preserve the contents of the can.

    b) Can Seamer Machines

    Can Seamer Machines

    The most common type of machine used for sealing aluminum cans is a can seamer. Can seamers are specialized machines designed to form and seal the tops or bottoms of aluminum cans. They use either a double-seam process or a single-seam process, depending on the application.

    c) Vacuum sealing machines

    Vacuum sealing machines

    Vacuum sealing machines use vacuum technology to create a airtight seal on Aluminium cans, ensuring maximum product freshness during storage or shipment. This type of machine is ideal for food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies who require a reliable sealing solution.

    d)Heat Sealing Machines

    Heat sealing machines use heat technology to create a airtight seals on Aluminium cans. This type of machine is suitable for companies that need to maintain product quality and freshness throughout the supply chain process without having to worry about tampering or oxidation. Heat sealing also offers superior protection against contamination.

    e)Capping Machines

    Capping Machines

    These machines are used to seal the opening of an aluminum can by crimping a lid or cap onto it. They are highly efficient and can be used for both carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.

    4.Type Of Food Products That Can Be Sealed In Aluminum Cans

    Type Of Food Products

    Here are products that can be sealed in aluminum cans.


    Aluminum cans can be used to store a variety of snacks like popcorn, chips, crackers, nuts and jerky. The sealed environment in aluminum cans helps to protect these items from getting stale or soggy quickly due to air exposure.


    Aluminum cans also provide an effective way to store soups or stews that need to be kept at an optimal temperature. Aluminum cans are also convenient when it comes to reheating or preparing soups or stews, since they can be heated directly in the can.


    Aluminum cans are great for storing and preserving condiments like mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, salsa and barbeque sauce. Aluminum cans provide an airtight seal that prevents spoilage due to oxidation and contamination from airborne microbes.

    Dry Goods

    Aluminum cans can also be used to store dried goods like beans, rice, pasta, cereal and other grains. Aluminum cans keep out moisture and oxygen which helps to preserve these items for longer periods of time.

    Pet Food

    Aluminum cans are an ideal way to store pet food which is often wet and need to be kept fresh. Aluminum cans are strong and durable, preventing them from easily breaking or leaking during shipping or storage. They also help to protect the pet food from moisture, oxygen, bacteria and other contaminants.

    Personal Care Products

    Aluminum cans can also be used to store a variety of personal care products such as shampoo, body wash, lotion and sunscreen. Aluminum cans provide an effective seal that prevents these products from spoiling due to oxidation or contamination from outside sources.



    Aluminum cans are great for storing and sealing beverages such as soda, beer, energy drinks, iced tea, juice, kombucha, wine and cocktails. Aluminum cans keep the liquid fresh and carbonated for longer than other packaging materials due to the protective seal they provide.


    After learning about how aluminum cans are sealed, it is amazing to think about all the hard work, brainpower and dedication that goes into producing such a simple everyday item. Aluminum can sealer machines are an incredibly beneficial and important tool for businesses in any industry. Whether it is a brewery, manufacturing plant, or food processing facility, these tools create convenient and reliable seals that last for years. Of course, the quality of the product still needs to be taken into consideration when making your decision.
    That’s why it’s important to choose reputable brands such as Allpackchina for your products and machinery. They provide top-of-the-line sealing equipment with features that make every job easier and faster than ever before. Contact them today to find out more information about their aluminum can sealer machinery options and get the perfect machine for you!

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