Food Packaging Trays Size Chart

What should you do when the fresh meat you buy cannot be eaten at one time and you want to keep it fresh next? There is an amazing machine for this kind of use-the Tray Sealing Machine. The food packaging trays used by this machine are also very important and include different sizes. Different sizes of food packaging trays have different application characteristics in different food industries.


Now, let’s learn about this food packaging tray sizes chart together!

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    1. What Are Food Packaging Trays?

    Have you ever noticed the food packaging tray appliance in your daily life?


    Food Packaging Tray -photo credits: pactiv

    Food Packaging Tray is a general term for all trays that use the blister process or paper material to produce plastic products and use corresponding equipment to package the products. These blister or paper packaging trays are all used in the food industry.

    2. How Many Types of Food Packaging Trays Are There?

    There are 9 types of food packaging trays there. Which type do you like most?

    a. Bun, Side Salad & Vegetable Trays


    Bun, Side Salad & Vegetable Trays

    This food packaging tray is specially designed for wrapping sandwiches, salads, and, other side dishes.

    This Bun, Side Salad & Vegetable Trays include 4 types which are Bun Edibowl Tray, Condiment Tray, Insert Tray, Deep Bun & Salad Tray. All these trays are ovenable and microwaveable and suitable for microwavable up to food temperatures of 190 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Bun Edibowl Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 5 1/8
    • Depth: 2 1/2


    Condiment Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 3 15/16″
    • Width: 3 15/16″


    Insert Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 3 15/16
    • Width: 3 15/16


    Deep Bun & Salad Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 4 1/2
    • Width: 4 1/2
    • Depth: 2 1/2

    b. Portion Trays


    Portion Trays

    These portion trays include 3 types which are regular Portion Trays, Black Portion Trays, and Hinged Portion Trays.


    Portion Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 3 1/2
    • Width: 3 1/2
    • Depth: 1 1/16


    Black Portion Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 3 5/16
    • Width: 3 5/16
    • Depth: 1 1/2


    Hinged Portion Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 3 5/16
    • Width: 3 5/16
    • Depth: 1 1/2

    c. Sandwich Wedges Trays


    Sandwich Wedges Trays

    These Sandwich Wedges Trays include 3 types which are Intermediate Wedge Natural, Intermediate Wedge Clear, and Cmpt Snacky Pak.


    Intermediate Wedge Natural

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 6 1/2
    • Width: 3 1/4
    • Depth: 3 1/8


    Intermediate Wedge Clear

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 6 1/2
    • Width: 3 1/4
    • Depth: 3 1/8


    Cmpt Snacky Pak

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 6 1/2
    • Width: 3 1/2
    • Depth: 1 3/4

    d. Platters



    Platters are suitable for quick meals and include 2 types which are Platter Black and Platter Clear.


    Platter Black

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 9 11/16
    • Width: 6 5/64
    • Depth: 1 7/16


    Platter Clear

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 9 11/16
    • Width: 6 5/64
    • Depth: 1 7/16

    e. Bulk Catering Trays


    Bulk Catering Trays

    Bulk Catering Trays with a flat-bottomed design allow these trays to be sealed using a tray sealing machine. These bulk catering trays are suitable for processors and caterers. Bulk Catering Trays include 3 types which are Salad Pan-Deep Tray, Salad Pan-Shallow Tray, Half Steam Table Pan Tray.


    Salad Pan-Deep Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 13
    • Width: 10
    • Depth: 2 1/2


    Salad Pan-Shallow

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 13
    • Width: 10
    • Depth: 1 1/2


    Half Steam Table Pan

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 12 1/2
    • Width: 10 5/16
    • Depth: 1 15/16

    f. Entree & Salad Trays


    Entree & Salad Trays

    Entree & Salad Trays include 3 types which are Meal Tray Black, Meal Tray Natural, and 4 Cmpt Insert Tray. These kinds of trays are suitable for school meals, field service workers or hotel delivery, etc.


    Meal Tray Black

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 6 1/2
    • Width: 5
    • Depth: 1 3/8


    Meal Tray Natural

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 6 1/2
    • Width: 5
    • Depth: 1 3/8


    4 Cmpt Insert Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 5 7/8
    • Width: 4 1/2
    • Depth: 1 3/8

    g. Box Lunch Trays


    Box Lunch Trays

    Box Lunch Trays are suitable for contents stackable and easy to transport and include 3 types which are 3 Cmpt Box Lunch Tray, Vending Tray, Pizza Tray.


    3 Cmpt Box Lunch Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 9 25/32
    • Width: 6 9/32
    • Depth: 2 3/4


    Pizza Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 7 3/8
    • Width: 5 1/8
    • Depth: 1 1/16


    Vending Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 6 1/4
    • Width: 6
    • Depth: 1 3/4

    h. Over-wrap Trays


    Over-wrap Trays

    Over-wrap Trays are not suitable for film sealing and include 3 types which are Rectangle Over-wrap Trays, Square Over-wrap Trays, and Round Over-wrap Trays.


    Rectangle Over-wrap Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 7 3/16
    • Width: 5 3/64
    • Depth: 7/16


    Square Over-wrap Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 4 5/8
    • Width: 4 5/8
    • Depth: 21/31


    Round Over-wrap Tray

    Standard Size:

    • Length: 4 3/16
    • Width: 4 3/16
    • Depth: 29/32

    i. Custom Trays


    This custom size is made according to customer needs.

    These sizes and shapes can fit most catering needs. If you have any other needs, you can also choose a customized solution. This can be customized to any size and shape you need.

    3. What Materials Are Mostly Used In the Food Packaging Trays?

    Food packaging trays mainly apply 5 kinds of materials. Each of these materials has its own characteristics and advantages. The following is an introduction to the specifically related materials:

    • PVC Material


    PVC Plastic Trays -photo credits: dickblick

    PVC material generally refers to polyvinyl chloride. It is the world’s largest general-purpose plastic with a wide range of applications. This material has high toughness and is not flammable. PVC is suitable for heat-sealing food. PVC is mainly used in the production of transparent plastic products.

    Features: High transparency, smooth and glossy surface. Wide range of uses. Strong impact resistance. Easy plasticity.


    PVC Plastics -photo credits: thoughtco

    Scope of Application: Widely applied in the outer packaging of food, electronic products, toys, medicine, electrical appliances, cosmetics and other products.

    • PET Material


    PET Plastic -photo credits: primexplastics

    PET material generally refers to polyethylene terephthalate. This material has excellent physical and mechanical properties. Have good electrical insulation. Has good creep resistance, fatigue resistance, and friction resistance. It can be used for a long time in the temperature range of 55-60 degrees. High transparency, can block ultraviolet rays and has good gloss.

    Features: Non-toxic and tasteless. High security. Suitable for immediate food packaging. Has good gas barrier, water, oil, and odor properties. Oil resistance, fat resistance, dilute acid, dilute alkali, and most solvents.


    Blister Trays -photo credits: pillthing

    Scope of Application: Generally, this material is environmentally friendly and healthy and is not easy to produce toxic items, so it is widely used in food blister trays, pastry boxes, cake boxes and other products blister trays.

    • PS Material


    Polystyrene -photo credits: plasticcity

    PS material refers to polystyrene, which is a thermoplastic. Specific varieties include ordinary polypropylene and high-impact polystyrene. It has the advantages of brightness, light-weight, transparency, good fluidity, good processability, good dimensional stability, easy coloring, and low price.

    Features: Low density, poor toughness, easy to burn.

    Scope of Application: Widely applied in medicine, food, toys, and electronics.

    • PETG Material


    PETG Material -photo credits: polymershapes

    PETG material refers to ethylene terephthalateco-1,4-cylclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate. It is a transparent, non-crystalline copolyester. It is a transparent plastic. Has outstanding thermoforming properties. Has good toughness, weather resistance and environmental protection.

    Features: With good transparency and smoothness, it can make the display effect good. It has good mechanical strength.


    PETG Plastic -photo credits: hackaday

    Scope of Application: It can be widely used in the market of the plate, sheet, high-performance shrink film, bottle and profiled material.

    • PP Material


    Polypropylene -photo credits: fastradius

    PP material refers to polypropylene. It is a white waxy material. The appearance is transparent and the quality is very light. Able to decompose under high temperature and oxidation. The operating temperature range is -30~140℃. It is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, translucent solid substance.

    Features: Environmental protection, low-temperature resistance, high transparency, bending resistance, and easy to fold. The appearance is transparent and the quality is very light.


    PP Trays -photo credits: envaplaster

    Scope of Application: It is widely used in the production of clothing, blankets, and other fiber products, medical equipment, automobiles, bicycles, parts, transportation pipes, chemical containers, etc. It is also used in food and drug packaging.

    There are plenty of choices for food packaging tray materials. You can choose the right one according to your own needs.

    4. What Are the Benefits of Food Packaging Trays?

    Food packaging trays are made of flat plastic hard sheets heated and softened, vacuum-adsorbed on the surface of the mold, and formed after cooling. They are widely used in food packaging. The main benefits of Food packaging trays are 4 points:

    • Plasticity and Protection


    Takeout Containers and Boxes -photo credits: webstaurantstore

    The basic function of food packaging trays is to protect food. Especially during transportation, avoid collision between goods. Food packaging trays’ custom grills make it difficult to move products and protect product integrity even during hard motion. ​​

    • Green and Eco-friendly


    Green and Eco-friendly -photo credits: freepik

    Save raw and auxiliary materials. Food packaging trays are light in weight, easy to transport, and have good sealing performance, meeting the requirements of environmentally friendly green packaging.

    • Meet Any Packaging Needs

    Food packaging trays can pack products of any shape and do not require other cushioning materials.

    • Beautiful and Efficient


    Beautiful Packaging Trays -photo credits: foodengineeringmag

    The packaged product is pretty, transparent, and visible, which is easy to sell. Packaging production uses mechanized and automated packaging. High efficiency, saving manpower and material resources.

    • Durable and Recyclable


    Recyclable -photo credits: lightspeedhq

    Food packaging trays use eco-friendly materials that are recyclable. It can save a lot of packaging costs and is suitable for a wide range of foods.

    With all these benefits, you can rest assured about the safety and efficiency of the food packaging trays.

    5. What Are the Standard Food Packaging Trays Sizes?

    Food packaging trays sizes are divided into three types:

    • The Standard Food Packaging Tray Sizes
    • Custom Design Food Packaging Tray Sizes
    • Biodegradable Tray Sizes
    • Paper Food Packaging Tray Sizes

    The shape of food packaging trays is generally customized according to the physical object. So the shape is more irregular, and there is no single standard.

    • The Standard Food Packaging Tray Size


    Standard Tray Packaging Sizes -photo credits: sciencedirect

    As for the custom design food packaging tray sizes are following the customer or the product information, and here is the table for your reference:

    • Custom Design Food Packaging Tray Sizes


    Custom Food Packaging Tray Sizes Table -photo credits: gatorpaper

    Biodegradable Tray is made from natural materials. Such as paper products, straw, starch, etc., degradable, also known as environmentally friendly products, and here is the Size Chart for your reference:

    • Biodegradable Tray Sizes


    Biodegradable Tray Sizes -photo credits: omlandusa


    Biodegradable Tray Sizes -photo credits: omlandusa

    • Paper Food Packaging Tray Sizes


    There are many dimensions that are inaccurate or cannot be marked when the drawings are made, so there are large deviations when making drawings according to the drawings.

    6. What Are the Principles of Food Packaging Trays Sizes Design?

    Food packaging trays size is designed with 5 design criteria. Most manufacturers must comply with these 5 design criteria. These standards include:

    • Satisfy the Needs of Clients


    Needs of Customer -photo credits: superoffice

    All package size designs must meet customer and packaged food requirements. The food packaging tray sizes cannot be changed without the consent of the customer. If there is a big problem, it can be decided by the customer after communicating with the customer.

    • Low-Cost Principles


    Low-Cost Packaging -photo credits: designerpeople

    Food packaging tray sizes are designed to achieve the lowest cost principle. best effect. When the cost of materials is relatively expensive, the use of egg trays, pallets, white boxes, floor boxes, etc. should be minimized.

    • Safety Principles


    Safe Packaging Design -photo credits: financialbin

    Food packaging size design must fully consider the safety of packaging materials to protect the body. It will not cause packaging failure due to normal transportation, vibration, bearing and other external effects.

    • Principle of Minimum Sizes


    Minimum Size Tray Design -photo credits:harvest-pack

    In order to save transportation costs, it is portable and easy to carry. Therefore, when designing food packaging tray sizes, the principle of minimum volume should be considered as much as possible.

    • Easy to Install and Easy to Take


    Food packaging tray sizes are designed to take into account the convenience and smoothness of the operator when packing and unpacking. Do not make it difficult for operators to operate due to design flaws.

    7. How Are Different Sizes of Food Packaging Trays Applied In Food Industries?

    Different foods have different requirements for different sizes and shapes of packaging trays. If there is a special shape, you can ask the manufacturer to customize it. The general food industry’s requirements for shape and size are divided into three categories:

    a. Fruit Packaging Tray


    Fruit Packaging Tray 

    • It can lock in the moisture of the fruit and prolong the shelf life of the fruit in a short time.
    • Able to keep fruit shape and transport safely.


    Fruit Packaging Tray Sizes

    Fruit Packaging Tray Sizes are suitable for all easily packaged fruits. Not suitable for bulky, difficult to pack and heavy fruit. For example coconut etc.

    b. Meat Packaging Tray


    Meat Packaging Tray -photo credits: nexterapackaging

    • These rectangular meat packaging trays can trap bacteria and prevent meat from spoiling
    • Extend the shelf life and maintain the taste of fresh meat
    • Easy to pack and transport
    • Cleaner and more beautiful


    Meat Packaging Tray Sizes

    Meat Packaging Tray Sizes can meet the needs of most meat preservation. At the same time, meat pieces and minced meat can be encapsulated.

    c. Lunch Box Packaging Tray

    Lunch Box Packaging Tray

    Lunch Box Packaging Tray -photo credits: nexterapackaging

    • Suitable for encapsulating cooked and cold food. Packages for scale ordering. Suitable for large catering services.
    • Can be microwaved.
    • Made of environmentally friendly materials.


    Lunch Box Packaging Tray Sizes

    Lunch Packaging Tray Sizes are suitable for food containers, lunch boxes, lunch boxes, meal prep, etc.

    If you have other food packaging size requirements, kindly consult us.

    8. How To Choose The RightSize Food Packaging Trays Before Purchasing?

    There are plenty of choices for food packaging trays of different sizes, shapes and colors. You can choose the right food packaging trays according to your contents and the appliance of the trays.

    For most food packaging we recommend you the Rectangle Packaging Tray.


    Rectangle Packaging Tray

    • Rectangular disposable plastic tray for hot and cold food
    • Microwave available
    • Eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable


    Rectangle Packaging Tray Sizes -photo credits: s-packaging

    Rectangle Packaging Tray Sizes are suitable for most food including cooked rice, lunch meal, meat, fruit, etc.

    If you want to keep the different food items separate from each other and make the most of the space in the box, we recommend that you the Square Packaging Tray.


    Square Packaging Tray 

    • Microwave safe and freezer safe which means it can be used for hot and cold items.
    • Available in white and natural colors.


    Square Packaging Tray Sizes 

    Square Packaging Tray Sizes are suitable for meals, salads, sauces, and fruits, cold food, and hot food, etc.

    If you want to apply food packaging trays to businesses, construction sites, and airline ordering services, we recommend Menu Trays.


    Menu Trays -photo credits:iic-ag

    • Suitable for packaging all kinds of meals
    • Can separate various foods


    Menu Trays Sizes

    Menu size tray minimum size is 138*187*64mm, and the maximum size is 275*200*45mm which can hold a meal of 47g.


    Food packaging trays are widely used in food and have a wide variety of options. The choice and application of Food packaging tray sizes are also very wide. You can find packaging tray sizes for any food you want to pack. Hope this article can inspire you a lot. If you want to know more about packaging trays or trays packaging machines, feel free to ask us.

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