Multifunctional Pulverizer: The Complete Buying Guide in 2022

A multifunctional pulverizer is a machine that uses to pulverize large-sized materials into the desired size items and this process of grinding is called pulverization. During pulverization through this equipment, an external force has been applied to crush the materials.

In the year 2022, the multifunctional pulverizer has numerous applications in different industries including agriculture, food industry, manufacturing industries, landscaping, pharmaceutical industries, printing, recycling, etc. This can be used for all kinds of materials either it is wet or dry. Before buying it, several questions arise in our mind related to its proper functioning and based on its cost. This article would be helpful to resolve queries that arise during buying of a multifunctional pulverizer, here we discuss,

1.What is Multifunctional Pulverizer?

Multifunctional Pulverizer

A multifunctional pulverizer is a machine used to crush sawdust, waste materials from the furniture factory, wood chips, the cotton stalk, cornstalk, the beanpole, the peanut shell, wheat straw, and others. It is also called slimmer, it has various advantages as it can be used for simple material, although its operational principle is also stable, and have a good pulverizer effect. After pulverization, the crushed materials can easily be released from the crushing compartment of the multifunctional pulverizer.

During pulverization, the external forces exerted on materials, include:

Multifunctional Pulverizer-1


The shearing is suitable for crushing fibrous, tough materials and large stones, it has applications in coarse crushing and crushing.


The impacting is mainly suitable for crushing brittle materials and it is usually used in crushing work.


The rolling is used mainly for each type of material and is applied for high-fineness and ultra-fine pulverization.


The grinding is mainly for ultra-fine and for super-large pulverization machines, which can be further pulverized.

Nevertheless, in the real crushing method, many external forces are applied at the same time. These machines are mainly customized based on high-end crushers.

2.What is the Working Principle of the Multifunctional Pulverizer?

Multifunctional Pulverizer-2

Working Principle of Multifunctional Pulverizer:

The working principle of a multifunctional pulverizer is quite easy and simple. It has a high-speed rotatable disc. Once the materials that are going to be pulverized from the multifunctional pulverizer are impacted it becomes rubbed by the discs and becomes grinds into small pieces. Then the ground materials that form, are exerted from the grinding chamber directly through the outlet of the multifunctional pulverizer components. In most cases, for the collection of ground materials, a cloth bag is used. Moreover, the fineness of the pulverized materials can be controlled by changing the screen.

3.What are the Components of a Multifunctional Pulverizer?

Multifunctional Pulverizer-3

Components of Multifunctional Pulverizer:

The multifunctional pulverizer has seven main components which consist of:

  • Motor
  • Knife
  • Pendulum Rotating Body
  • Inlet
  • Outlet Port
  • Crushing Room, and
  • Sieves

The first component of the multifunctional pulverizer is the motor, secondly, all types of knives can be used, these either knives, hammers, or axes. Once the materials are placed in the hammer workstation from the inlet, the rotating motor drive force for crushing. The crushed materials gain energy from the hammer top position, these all will be done in the crushing room. Once the materials become pulverized into smaller pieces, they filter from the sieves.  Whereas the larger size materials become reversed back into the crushing chamber and the process begins again.

4.What are the Industrial applications of Multifunctional pulverizers?

Multifunctional Pulverizer-4

The multifunctional pulverizer has numerous applications in different industries such as:

  • It uses in chemical industries, pharmacies, and other food processing industries for crushing and breaking solid material into small pieces.
  • It can also be used in chemical industries for crushing chemical large pieces of material into smaller ones.
  • It also has applications in Chinese herbal medicine including lump materials, root herbs, oil-content grains, branches, solid materials, and brittle materials.
5.What are the Benefits of a Multifunctional Pulverizer?

Multifunctional Pulverizer-5

The multifunctional pulverizer is of different types, it is effective equipment used in the home, restaurant, and various industries for a variety of purposes. Such as,

Multifunctional meat pulverizer:It is a quick and easy tool that provides the best way to process meat than conventional equipment. It uses in preparing patties, grinding the meat, pork sausage, etc.  

Heavy-duty multifunctional big pulverizer: The heavy-duty multifunctional pulverizer is the ball pressing equipment. It has many benefits, as it can be used for pressing multiple powders, waste materials, powder materials, and waste residues including coking coal, carbon powder, iron filling, pulverized coal, aluminum powder, iron filling, iron scales, gypsum, slag, activated carbon, coke powder, kaolin, tailings. It also is used in refractory materials such as metallurgy, transportation, heating, power plant, and in the chemical industry.

6.Problems and Technical Issues of Multifunctional Pulverizer?

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The multifunctional pulverizer machine can cause some problems, which may be:

Blockage of inlet due to excessive load:

During the working principle of a multifunctional pulverizer machine, multiple raw materials are added simultaneously during feeding. It can cause to block the function of the multifunctional pulverizer due to its overloaded.  This problem can be solved by taking care of the loading of raw materials before the pulverization process. If the loaded material is too much large, then ultimately you need to stop feeding within a while otherwise the motor can be burned out. During taking care, one must check whether this machine is low-power or high-power, in the case of a lower-power machine the materials must feed slowly if it is a high-power machine then one must use the feeder for feeding raw materials.

After pulverization, the outlet may be blocked

Due to the long-term usage of the multifunctional pulverizer, the blade can be worn during operation. It may cause to block the outlet channel.  If this happened, so the main solution is to replace or repair the blade of the equipment in time.

Clogging of the pulverizer

During its operation, the air dust and air network must match the pulverizer for proper functioning. If in some cases, it blocks then the clogging of the grinder may take place. To avoid such a problem, the regular cleaning of the multifunctional pulverizer is essential.

Type of materials

The clogging of the machine can be possible, depending on the type of materials uses. Some materials require more water content whereas some do not require water. However, some materials are large and some so small, and as a result, clogging can take place. To avoid these issues, it is essential before buying a multifunctional pulverizer, must check its size, and whether it is compatible with your desired materials or not. So, the major solution to this problem is to replace the equipment.

Other reasons

During the processing of multifunctional pulverizers, there are many other reasons than those discussed above. These reasons may include blockage of screen holes, hammer wear, and blockage caused by high moisture content. To solve such a problem, it is essential for staff to properly monitor the function of the machine and to clean it regularly.


A multifunctional pulverizer is a machine, used to pulverize large-size materials into smaller ones. The proper functioning of the machine depends on the size of the materials and its other parts. Since it has various applications, so you need to buy those machines that best fit your desired purpose. You may find “Allpackchina” as the best manufacturer to provide an authentic multifunctional pulverizer based on your requirement.


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