Bag Closing Machine:The Complete Guying Guide In 2022

The technology that has been used to close bags have numerous applications because closed bags can be used for several purposes. As it would be stress-free to carry closed bags in transport, they can also be used for preservation and handling several ingredients. Besides them, they also may have some drawbacks.

For closing bags of different types of material, the machine which is known as the bag closing machine has been used but which type of bag closing machine would be beneficial depends on the quality and size of the materials used. Before going into the details, here is the outline that would help you to buy the best bag closing machine in the current year of 2022.

1.What is the bag closing machine?


The machine used to close bags is called the bag closing machine. It is mostly involved in closing bags of mainly grain, chemicals, sugar feed, seed, corn, coffee, fertilizer, minerals, grains, feed, salt, grocery, and other ingredients also. The material used to close bags could be composed of paper, cotton, linen, burlap, jute, and plastic materials.

2.What types of bag closing machine has been used to close open bags?

There are different types of machines used to close bags, such as:

Plain closing machine

In the plain closing machine, one or two threads are used depending on the size of the ingredients. Whenever the portable bag closing machine uses, then a single thread is mostly used whereas two threads are used when required at high speed.

When the bag closes by a single thread, the stitch is created by the needle looping around the aforementioned underneath the layer after going through the bag. In case of double threat using the machine, the stitch is made by one pointer thread looping around one looper yarn afterward moving over the ingredients.

Bag topmost doubled over in the plain bag closing machine


Such a bag closing machine is generally used to avoid dripping problems.

Crepe paper-based tape closing machine

The crepe paper-based tape closing machine also decreases leaking problems and also produces a fine exterior. This bag closing machine also stops vapor aggregation and to reduce further leakage problems, the filler cord is used.

Use an easy-pull tape for taping


The bag close by such type of machine can be easily opened.

Tape over sew

It covers the stitches with a paper tape that has warmth hot melt glue or PE-coated paper tape to create a robust, hygienic, and leak-proof seal.

The bag closing machine is also portable that is another kind of bag closing machine, also known as a handheld bag closing machine. It closed usually 4-8 bags within minutes.

3.How many parts of the bag closing machine?

The bag closing machines are composed of some parts, including, a frame, the warming emission machinery, the speed driver reduction appliance, the mechanistic printing, as well closing, the electric maintenance system, and other components as mentioned below. The other component of the bag closing machine also includes the bag sealing crowns, it attached to trap conveyor static. The bag closing head use to close around 6-20 bags within minutes.

Other than the above-discussed parts, the bag closing machine comprises:

  • Panel
  • Switch cover
  • Convenient tube
  • Handle
  • Compressive bar
  • Needle
  • Presser’s foot
  • Fallar gill
  • Cover shell
  • Motor
  • Gear seat
  • Oil injection hole


As the bag closing machine comprises many components so daily monitoring of the condition of each part is necessary. This monitoring of the components of the bag closing machine would also be helpful to save time. Besides them, it also decreases the risk of system failure. The bag closing machine’s head is smaller than the other parts and it is not the crucial reason for the industrial disturbance.

4.What is the working principle of the bag closing machine?

The basic working principle of this machine has been discussed below:

Firstly, the main step of the working principle is to switch on the power supply. Once the switch becomes on then, the agencies automatically begin working. The electrically warm appliance is typically heated electrically, then to maintain temperature and block the system from rapid warming, the upper and lower heating must be controlled. The speed device must be regulated and controlled to adjust the speed of the bag closing machine.

The bag closing portions are sent to the two bags of the closing belt, afterward, it is sent to the heating zone and then from the heating portion toward the cooling zone where the temperature decreases properly.  


5.What is the application of a bag closing machine?


The bag closing machine uses to close the open bags made up of plastic, paper, BOPP, or any poly woven. A bag closing machine can be handled manually or a portable bag closing machine is also available to sew the bag mouths. It can be mounted over luggage or can be manually stitched to a bag that is filled with different products like nuts, corn, feed, aggregate, rice, and others.

The conveyer bags usually stitch around 20 bags per minute whereas the handheld bag closing machine has a speed of bag closing of at least 8 bags per minute. It can also be merged into a bigger packing system.

Bag closing machine has also numerous applications in different industries, farms, and households. Moreover, it can be used to close bags of different types such as paper, jute, polypropylene, linen, sisal, etc.

Among all types of bag closing machines, there is also a portable bag closing machine available on the market. This type of bag closing machine is small in size and easy to handle. It has many applications, as it can be used at home to close bags, can be moved or stored easily, or also in case of emergency. Besides them, it can be sewing the two parts of the cloth and is also suitable for household supplies including cloths, cotton, burlap, bags, socks, wallets, quilts, etc.


In the year 2022, there is still a need for a bag closing machine. As the bag closing machine uses to close bags made up of different types of materials. A bag closing machine is a machine that closes the bags containing several types of products including flour, feed, sugar, coffee, fertilizers, minerals, etc. Daily monitoring of the bag closing machine is necessary for proper maintenance, as a result, the machine can work properly otherwise it may cause severe problems. Among all types, the portable bag closing machine is also available which could be easy to handle and used in different industries as well as for households.


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