Label Shrink Tunnel / BS-1230


BS-1230 series label shrink tunnel adopts hot air circulation for shrinking, is mainly used for shrinking labels of bottles, jars and cups etc., no matter the labelis on the body, bottom or cap of the bottle.


Inside the tunnel, two high-power blowing motors to ensure enough circulating air.

lf necessary, a rotary device can be added and the blowing air for the tunnel can be strengthened partially.

lt is equipped with ground bolts and truckles, so the machine can be moved and fixed freely.

Tunnel height is adjustable to be connected with different production lines

Rack of the tunnel can be fixed or removed from the tunnel on the production line


BS-1230 series label shrink tunnel is widely used in industries such as foodstuff, beverage, pharmacy.cosmetics and pesticide for containers with labels like glassbottle,plastic bottle, paper cup etc.

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