HTSYS-5 Softgel Encapsulation Machine



HTSYS-5 Softgel Encapsulation Machine is mainly used for laboratory and research institutions capsule drug product development trail, can be used as pharmaceutical ,health care products factory , food factory test equipment ,aircraft using a variety automatic control technology ,simple operation function stable and reliable, machine meet GMP standards, models small function ,superior performance ,compact structure.

  1. Cold system with integrated cooling fan .
  2. Low energy consumption ,convenient installation the temperature accuracy.
    Machine model suitable for small laboratories .
  3. Low noise ,high accuracy (loading error is less than +/-2%), to solve the problem with the waste of raw materials , raw materials can do more times the same experiment.
  4. This machine adopt 50Hz frequency control ,roll-mode speed 0-2.5 RMP. 2 Plunger feed, single plunge feed rate 0-1.5ml.


Model Name HTSYS-5
Die roll size 64mm(Dia)X 75mm(Length)
Speed 3.5 RPM (5RPM Option)
Piston number 6 Ea
Loading accuracy 100mm(Dia)X 150mm(Length)
Feeding amount single plunger 3HP, Speed Controller
Electric Spec 220V
Required power 1.5 Kw
Dimension 820mm X 640mm X 1,200mm
Weight 300 Kg
Material SUS 316 for Contact area
Output 5000grain/h


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