APKZRJ Fixed Type Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer



Production Description

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is connected to the engine through the high-speed rotation of the head of the homogenization, material shear, dispersion, impact. In this way, the material will become more delicate, promoting the integration of oil and water.It is widely used in cosmetics, shower gel, sunscreen, and many other cream products.Sauce, juice, etc. In the food industry.Ointment in the pharmaceutical industry.Petrochemical, paint, paint, ink and other will use emulsifier.


The Vacuum emulsifying mixer main pot is equipped with material inlet, vacuum gauge, vacuum valve, view mirror, air filter, perfume hopper, and so on.

Vacuum emulsifying mixer main pot

Adopt Siemens PLC touch screen control that can display setting and actual quantity ,Setup and monitoring limit data.

Siemens PLC touch screen control

Adopt Siemens Motor,the vacuum emulsifying mixer have a better quality and strict conform to the manufacturing standard.

Siemens motor

Finished Products



  1. Control by computer touch-screen,  integrated operation, with beautiful generous;
  2. Work continuously large quantity, circulating homogeneous discharging, especially suitable for single products continuous production.
  3. Easy operation, perfect  homogeneous  emulsification
  4. Capacity : 100-2000LHelical ribbon mixing, internal-external circulating homogenization.


Model Volume Emulsify motor Mixer of oil water pot Length width height Max height
APKZRJ-10 10L 1.1KW 0-3500rpm/min 0.37Kw 0-60r/m 1200 600 1300 1700
APKZRJ -20 20L 1.5KW 0-3500rpm/min 0.75Kw 0-60r/m 1500 800 1500 2050
APKZRJ -50 50L 3KW 0-3500rpm/min 0.75Kw 0-60r/m 2750 2100 1900 2600
APKZRJ -100 100L 3KW 0-3500rpm/min 1.5kw 0-60r/m 2800 2150 2100 2800
APKZRJ -200 200L 4KW 0-3500rpm/min 1.5kw 0-60r/m 2850 2200 2200 3100
APKZRJ -300 300L 5KW 0-3500rpm/min 2.2kw 0-60r/m 3000 2600 2500 3550
APKZRJ -500 500L 7.5KW 0-3500rpm/min 2.2kw 0-60r/m 3800 2800 2700 3950
APKZRJ -750 750L 11KW 0-3500rpm/min 3.7kw 0-60r/m 3900 3900 2900 4400
APKZRJ -1000 1000L 11KW 0-3500rpm/min 3.7kw 0-60r/m 3900 3400 3150 4550
APKZRJ -2000 2000L 22KW 0-3500rpm/min 7.5kw 0-60r/m 4850 4300 3600


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