• Packing type diversification

  • Automatically finish bag-making, weighing, packing, sealing, printing date and cutting

  • Quiet work circumstance quiet, low noise

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APK-338A2 High-speed granule vertical sachet machine

Allpack APK-338A2 high-speed granule vertical sachet machine is operated by volumetric system for free-flowing products.You can use this machine to pack your sugar,salt,silica gel,sweeteners,granular coffee,black pepper etc.in the industries such as pharmacy,food,agricultural and chemical.There is reliable weight control during the packaging process and result in less product loss and the machine is easy to use and clean.This granule sachet machine could also offer you long-term,high-performance and compact solutions.

Vertical Sachet Machine of product-6

Vertical Sachet Machine of product-1

Allpack APK-338A2 High-speed Granule Vertical Sachet Machine Technical Specification

Model Blanking system Number of rollers Bag size Packing speed
APK-338-1 Hybalm pump Three pairs Width:40-85mm, length:40-120mm,or 70-160mm 30-80 packets/min
APK-338-2 Magnetic pump
APK-338-3 Rotor pump
APK-338-8 Pneumatic rotor pump
APK-338A2 Measuring cups (pellets) Two pairs
APK-338A3 Screw (powder) 30-120packets/min

Allpack APK-338A2 High-speed Granule Vertical Sachet Machine Video

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