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APK-338-2 High-speed liquid vertical sachet machine

Allpack APK-338-2 high-speed liquid vertical sachet machine can be used to pack liquids and semi-fluids such as sauces, soups, oils, etc.This liquid sachet filling machine can also run long hours without requiring any maintenance or repair. It is a sachet packaging machine with an external suction pump for light materials such as water or sauce.The machine will help you increase your efficiency by combining sachet filling and sealing processes into one single step. That means less labor time during the sachet production process.These processes include many advantages such as great dose accuracy, minor wrapping material waste, easy handling and cleaning. Moreover, that this vertical sachet machine can allow our customers to reduce downtime and fulfill their increasingly high production demands.

Vertical Sachet Machine of product

Vertical Sachet Machine of product-3

Allpack APK-338-2 High-speed Liquid Vertical Sachet Machine Technical Specification

Model Blanking system Number of rollers Bag size Packing speed
APK-338-1 Hybalm pump Three pairs Width:40-85mm, length:40-120mm,or 70-160mm 30-80 packets/min
APK-338-2 Magnetic pump
APK-338-3 Rotor pump
APK-338-8 Pneumatic rotor pump
APK-338A2 Measuring cups (pellets) Two pairs
APK-338A3 Screw (powder) 30-120packets/min

Allpack APK-338-2 High-speed Liquid Vertical Sachet Machine Video

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