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APK-338-8 High-speed sauce vertical sachet machine

APK-338-8 High-speed sauce vertical sachet machine,the difference with APK-338-3 is that its feed system adopts pneumatic rotor pump,that can fill up to 3600 bags per hour,quickly and accurately,and meet with GMP standards.The made pouch can be 3 side sealing or 4 side sealing .The parts that touch the material are stainless steel,it has been widely used in packing products in food,beverages,cosmetics,chemicals,and many other industries.This high-speed sauce vertical sachet machine can automatically weighs,forms bags,fills,seals,cuts,counts,and print codes for the whole process.

Vertical Sachet Machine of product-9

Vertical Sachet Machine of product-5

Allpack APK-338-8 High-speed Sauce Vertical Sachet Machine Technical Specification

Model Blanking system Number of rollers Bag size Packing speed
APK-338-1 Hybalm pump Three pairs Width:40-85mm, length:40-120mm,or 70-160mm 30-80 packets/min
APK-338-2 Magnetic pump
APK-338-3 Rotor pump
APK-338-8 Pneumatic rotor pump
APK-338A2 Measuring cups (pellets) Two pairs
APK-338A3 Screw (powder) 30-120packets/min

Allpack APK-338-8 High-speed Sauce Vertical Sachet Machine Video

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