NJY-300C Hard Capsule Liquid Filling Machine



NJY-300C hard capsule filling machine is a device designed and produced by our company. It can be filled in a hard capsule (solution, suspension, microemulsion). The ceramic pump is used to add liquid, and the servo motor controls the loading system to ensure the difference in loading, accurate measurement, fiber inspection, lack of glue, and automatic kicking.

This machine adopts the stepless frequency converter, which is convenient and intuitive to operate. As a new and convenient mode of administration and filling concept in the new century, this machine is the latest filling equipment for developing high-end products in the pharmaceutical, health care and other industries.


  1. The equipment adopts man-machine interface control system, which automatically lacks capsules and lacks material alarm.
  2. The capsule feeding machine has a vacuum positioning and separating mechanism, so that the probability of the capsule is over 99%. The fiber is automatically detected, and the capsule is missing in the upper and lower mold holes.
  3. High-precision ceramic pump and servo motor dosing system are adopted to control the difference of the loading amount to about ±2%, and the dosage is accurate.
  4. The 10-station rotary disc adopts integrated processing to achieve compact structure, no splicing gap, good sealing, easy to disassemble and easy to maintain, and the upper and lower modules move separately (the lower mold is horizontally stretched and the upper mold is moved vertically) The fixed bracket shaft seal of the upper and lower modules adopts the oil-proof and dust-proof double-lip bone dust-proof ring. It can be repaired and maintenance-free within three years without any dry sound, small volume, small load and high precision fully enclosed rotary disc. [Patent No.: 2015 2 1021530.0]. The approximate working principle of each station: the first station capsule separation, the second station: the upper and lower capsule mold separation, the third station photoelectric detection capsule is separated or normal, the fourth station: filling liquid, the fifth station : Add smaller capsules (mixed fill). Sixth station:capsules that are not normally separated and damaged capsules are removed. Seventh station: vacancies. The eighth station: lock capsule. Ninth station: finished capsule export (connected capsule sealing machine). Tenth station: upper and lower mold reset.


The production efficiency 300
Fill in the material An oily liquid, solution, suspension, or paste
Die number 2
Fillable capsule 00-4#
The power supply 380V50Hz
The total power 3.5KW
The switchboard weight 600KG
Overall dimensions 700*800*1700mm
Liquid loading accuracy ±2%


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