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High-speed small sachet tea bag machine rotary packing machine

Allpack high-speed small sachet tea bag machine is suitable for powder,granule in pharmaceutical,food,chemical,pesticide,deoxidizer and other industries packing.The tea bag machine can automatically complete the bag making,measuring,filling,forming,sealing,distributing and counting,regular and aesthetic sachets,firm sealing,automatic film receiving and feeding.Adopting imported PLC and friendly HMI control system.The machine can be equipped with date printer or multi-sachet,it will alarm if any errors occur.

Product Sample of Allpack High-speed Small Sachet Tea Bag Machine:

products of tea bag machine


Allpack High-speed Small Sachet Tea Bag Machine Features:

1.Adopting international famous brand programmed controller,It’s easy to operate by touching screen.

2.It can connect the rolling film automatically.

3.Preheat to make the sachets sealing well.

4.It can make the tear notch and adjust the film to run smoothly and seal well.

5.Finished sachets output.It can automatically detect the empty sachets and pick out from one conveyor.The dropping quantity of the sachets on the conveyors can be set.

Allpack High-speed Small Sachet Tea Bag Machine Technical Specification:

Model APK-500
packing speed 500-1200 bags/min
Size of bag W: 30-100mm L: 35-150mm
Max outside diameter of filling roller 400mm
Packaging capacity 0.5-50ml (special capacity can be designed)
Total power 7KW
Voltage 380V
Gas consumption 0.7mm³/min


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