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Automatic rectangular type 3-side sealing tea bag machine with outer envelope

Allpack automatic rectangular type 3-side sealing tea bag machine with outer envelope is suitable for one-time packaging of small particles such as tea, medicinal tea, and health tea roots in both inner and outer bags.The inner and outer bag drawing molds are controlled by a stepper motor, with stable bag length and accurate positioning.Adopting a PID temperature controller for more accurate temperature control.The PLC is used to control the movement of the entire machine, and the human-machine interface is displayed. The packaging of the product is hygienic and reliable.The packaging materials for this tea bag machine is tea filter paper, cotton thread, composite film, and labels.

Product Sample Of Allpack Rectangular Tea Bag Machine:



Allpack Automatic Rectangular Type 3-side Sealing Tea Bag Machine Features:

1.All 304 stainless steel cover. Even the exposed screw also adopts the stainless steel material which will be more healthy and meet the GMP standard.

2.Packaging material adopt the food grade of non-woven fabrics, nylon filters. The bag with high  water permeability and visual perspective give the person decorous enjoy.

3.The machine adopt the advanced ultrasonic sealing technology make the products more beautiful.

4.Equipped with independent manipulator technology, thoroughly solved the problem which sent the inner bag into outer bag by hand produce secondary pollution. The new technology make the product more conforming to the hygiene standards, more consumer favorite.

5.The process of bag making, filling, cutting, manipulator sent the inner bag, cursor positioning can be done automatically.

6.It is a high-performance  automatic tea bag packing machine which equipment with independent manipulator technology. It will produce the products meet customer's decorous enjoy.

Allpack Automatic Rectangular Type 3-side Sealing Tea Bag Machine Technical Specification:

Model APK-182
Sealing type 3-sides
Measurement range 3-10g (1.6-26ml)
Inner bag size L: 50-70mm W: 45-80mm
Outer bag size L: 80-120mm W75-95m
Packaging speed 30-40 bags/minute
External dimensions 1500 * 650 * 2250mm
Overall weight 550kg
Total power AC220V/50Hz/3.7kw
Air source ≥ 0.4m ³/ Min


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