ZS Series Vibrating Screen



ZS series lamination screening is applied for continuous screening of powder and inhomogencous granulates in such trades as pharmaceutical, chemical and food stuff etc.

This machine is comprised of hopper,vibrating chamber, coupling and motor etc., Where the vibrating chamber is composed by eccentric wheel,rubber part, spindle and bearing etc. when eccentric weight is conveyed to the centerline of spindle through motor driving ,it generates centrifugal force under unbalanced state,by which, material is forced to form regular eddy inside, and the amplitude of the weight adjuster can be regulated according to different material and screens .the whole machine features compact structure, low volume, no dust flying, low noise, high output, low energy consumption and convenient move and maintenance.


  1. Dramatic increase of capacity——the processing volume is 2-10 times than that of ordinary screening machines.
  2. Ultra fine grading available——the sieving size can reach up to 600mesh(0.023mm).
  3. Efficient for hard-to-screen materials——the materials like silicon carbide micro-powder, hard alloy micro-powder, coffee powder,etc can be screened efficiently.
  4. Reduce frequency of cleaning sieve——low blocking and high throughput rate of sieve.
  5. Low maintenance cost——reduce the damage rate of sieve and no need to repair and replace the mesh always.
  6. Wide application——almost all kinds of sieving machines can use this system.


Model Prduction Capacity Meshes screen Motor power Spindle speed Overall dimension Weight
ZS350 60-500kg/h 2-200mesh 0.55kw 1390r/min 560*560*1050mm 100kg
ZS515 100-1300kg/h 2-200mesh 0.75kw 1400r/min 710*710*1280mm 180kg
ZS650 200-2500kg/h 2-200mesh 1.5kw 1410r/min 900*900*1350mm 250kg


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