ZS Series Vibrating Rectangular Screening Machine



Designed and modified by importing the advanced foreign technology and in combination with GMP standard, this machine is widely used for grading and screening of industrial raw materials in such trades as pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, metallurgy and electronics etc.

This machine is comprised of screen box, Vibration source and damper, vibrating frame and screen box are connected with 4-12 group soft rubber dampers fixed up and down, and the centrifugal force is generated therein, the floating amplitude is controlled by the damper, by which, material realizes a process of throw and lamination filtration downward, and therefore reaching the optimized grading and screening effect.


1.The whole machine is compact in structure, small in size and mobile.
2.Low energy consumption and high output.
3.Made of high quality stainless steel, it is precision polished inside and outside, and the finish is good.
4.Easy to clean, no dust, low noise.
5.Easy to operate, easy to maintain, in line with GMP requirements.


Model Production capacity Meshes screened Motor power Vibration frequency Exciting force Overall dimension Weight
ZS-0.3㎡ 50-300kg/h 3-150mesh 0.2kw 1400r/min 0-2.5kw 1110*500*900mm 150kg
ZS-0.5㎡ 100-450kg/h 3-150mesh 0.2kw 1400r/min 0-2.5kw 1250*660*900mm 250kg
ZS-0.7㎡ 200-650kg/h 3-150mesh 0.2×2kw 1400r/min 0-2.5kw 1780*650*960mm 280kg
ZS-0.8㎡ 300-750kg/h 3-150mesh 0.4kw 1400r/min 0-2.5kw 1500*800*900mm 320kg
ZS-1.2㎡ 500-1100kg/h 3-150mesh 0.75×2kw 1400r/min 0-2.5kw 1980*1050*1450mm 400kg
ZS-1.8㎡ 800-1600kg/h 3-150mesh 0.75kw 1400r/min 0-2.5kw 2400*1200*1500mm 600kg
ZS-2.2㎡ 1000-2500kg/h 3-150mesh 0.75×2kw 1400r/min 0-2.5kw 2800*1200*1600mm 800kg


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