Top rotation type tablet deduster machine SZS230




The SZS230 tablet deduster machine is an economical top rotation type tablet sieving machine. It has three functions such as tablet grinding, dust removing and lifting. The machine inlet can be connected with any model of tablet press and the outlet can be connected with metal detectors. It can realize the linked production mode including tablet grinding, dust removing, lifting and metal foreign matters detection.


The machine has such features as long tablet dust removing path, automatic tablet face turning and grinding, and good dust removing effect. The parts in the machine that contact the medicine are made of SUS316L/SUS304, meeting GMP requirements. The screen and outer cover of the machine adopt a building block type design. The outlet height is easy to adjust. The machine adopts a quick installed connection structure, making it more convenient to disassemble and install the machine. There is no dead corner for cleaning. The machine inlet and outlet can be subject to 360° adjustment to facilitate production and save space. With outstanding production efficiency, it can meet the need for large batch production of various shapes of tablets of Φ3-Φ25mm. It adopts a new type driving device design to ensure that the machine runs more stably with low noise.


Model Max.production efficiencyPcs/h Max. Tablet diametermm Power supply Outline dimensionsmm Machine weightkg Compressed air Vacuum cleaning Dust removing distance(m) Max. lifting heightmm
SZS-230 800000(φ6mm tablet) Φ25 1P 220/110V 50-60Hz 550*550*(H:1350-1500) 70 0.1m³/min 0.05MPa 2.7m³/min 0.01MPa 6 1220


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