Uphill tablet deduster machine SZ300




The SZ300 uphill tablet deduster is suitable for dust removing of various shapes of tablets. The whole production process is direct and visual. Medicine and dust isolating devices are additionally mounted among all layers of sieve plates to realize effective separation of tablets and dust. The parts in the machine that contact tablets are all made of SUS316L/SUS304 stainless steel. It can work with any model of tablet press.


  1. The design meets GMP requirements.
  2. The multi-layer sieving structure realizes effective separation of tablets and dust.
  3. The whole production process is direct and visual.
  4. The vibration amplitude and production speed are continuously adjustable.
  5. Simple disassembly and installation operation, convenient use and cleaning
  6. Reliable performance, high efficiency and low noise


Model Max.production efficiency(Pcs/h) Max. Tablet diameter(mm) Power supply Outline dimensions(mm) Machine weight(kg) Compressed air Vacuum cleaning Dust removing distance(m)
SZ300 55000(φ6mm tablet) Φ25 1P 220/110V 50-60Hz φ350*(H:1350-1500) 38 0.1m³/min 0.05MPa 2.7m³/min 0.01MPa 3


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