single punch tablet press machine TDP-0



Tdp-0 is a small desktop manual continuous punching machine, is a more portable single stamping machine. The total weight of the machine is 21KG. The machine has good performance, light operation and convenient movement, and is suitable for experimental trial.


This function can suppress all kinds of granular, crystal or powder materials with good fluidity into round sheet, cylindrical, spherical, convex, concave and other geometric shape products (such as square, triangle, ellipse, sac, etc.), can also suppress the products with words, trademarks, patterns, Suitable for pharmaceutical, health products, food, agriculture, chemical industry, electronic battery, metallurgical ceramics and other industries as small batch production and scientific research experimental teaching use. This machine is only equipped with one punch die, the filling depth of material and pressing thickness can be adjusted (that is, the weight, thickness and hardness of products can be adjusted), only need to change different molds can press different products.


Maximum tablet pressure (Kn) 15
Tablet diameter (mm) 3–12
Filling depth (mm) 0-12
Tablet thickness (mm) 6
Production Capacity (PCS /h) 2000(It depends on the speed of the hand)
Overall size (mm) 330*240*550
Weight of host (Kg) 21


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