Shrink Tunnel / BS-4525L


Stainless steel heater and high power blowing motor ensure fast heat-up, large & even-distributed airflow in tunnel. Both conveyor belt speed and temperature inside the tunnel are adjustable according to the product size and the output requirement in order to obtain the optimal shrinking effect.

Variable conveyor speed control by means of an electronic speed governor.

Double insulation mechanism that prevents machine surface from overheating.

Emperature-resistant and heat-insulating cord fabric against heat loss.

With solid roller covered with thermo-stable silicone tube, conveying chain can stand heavy object without deformation.

The machine is suitable for all kinds of shrink films, such as PVC, PP, POF, etc.

Product Detail:


Voltage(VIHz) 380/50(3PH)or 220/60(3PH)
Power(kw) 25
Loading(kg) 10
Max. Packing Size(WxH)(mm) 400×200
Speed (m/min) 0-10
Tunnel Size (LxW*H)(mm) 1227×450×250
External Dimension (LxWxH)(mm) 1780×750×1380
Net Weight (kg) 240


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