NJYF-300C Automatic Hard Capsule Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine production line



NJYF-300C automatic hard-capsule liquid filling machine and sealing linkage line equipment are the first in-line equipment of our company based on our own multi-year capsule filling technology, self-developed design and production of hard capsule filling liquid and sealing. And exclusive proprietary intellectual property rights and a number of technical invention patents, the device can complete the filling of hard capsules (solution, suspension, microemulsion or hot solution) and sealing the capsule cap joint to make the capsule The contents are sealed in the process of packaging, transportation and use, which improves the stability and safety of the product. It can provide new modes of administration, improve the drug delivery problems of many drugs, and fill the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical and health care. The blank of hard capsule filling liquid and sealing technology in the product industry is also the gospel of many pharmaceutical companies and health care products factories for the development of some (highly active drugs, poorly soluble drugs) preparation products.

  1. The equipment adopts man-machine interface control system, which automatically lacks capsules and lacks material alarm.
  2. The capsule feeding machine has a vacuum positioning and separating mechanism, so that the probability of the capsule is over 99%.
  3. The fiber is automatically detected, and the capsule is missing in the upper and lower mold holes.
  4. High-precision ceramic pump and servo motor dosing system are adopted to control the difference of the loading amount to about ±2%, and the dosage is accurate.
  5. The sealing mechanism adopts the servo motor lifting device, which can be used to jog and fine-tune the rubber wheel to achieve the best effect of the sealing layer.
  6. The sealing liquid tank is designed as a sealing structure, and is equipped with a heating and heat preservation system to ensure the viscosity of the glue liquid and effectively extend the glue liquid period.
  7. The finished dry curing mold adopts hanging type and free rotation structure, which effectively improves the disassembly and unloading cleaning time.


Model NJYF-300C
Yield 18,000 capsules / hour
Sealable capsule filling Solution, suspension, microemulsion
Mold hole number 6 holes
Applicable capsule 00-4# gelatin, plant capsule
Environmental requirements Room temperature around 20C, humidity 40% -55%
voltage Three-phase 380V/220V 50Hz
Total power 9KW
Compressed air 0.6Mpa
Total weight 2300KG
Dimensions 3800*900*1900MM (length × width × height)


NJYF–300C Automatic hard capsule liquid filling and sealing machine linkage line

Main electrical accessories, configuration list

Name Model Qty Brand
touch screen 6AV6 648-0CE11-3AX0 1 Siemens
PLC programming controller 6ES7288-IST60-0AA0


1 Siemens
Frequency converter 6SL32105BE215UV0 2 Siemens
servo motor 1FL6034-2AF21-1AA1 3 Siemens
driver 6SL3210-5FB10-4UA1 3 Siemens
AC contactor 3TB4322-0X   3RT6016-1AN21 4 Siemens
Thermal overload relay 3RU6116-1FBO 3 Siemens
Relay RXM2LB2BD 13 Schneider
switch ABL2REM24D65K 1 Schneider
Main motor S47 DRS80M4 2 SEW (Germany)
Vacuum pump (dry) KRX5–P–V–03 1 Hollywang (Japan)
cutting machine RU–83DS10 1 Daojin,Taiwan
Detection fiber FD–33G 12 Panasonic (Japan)
Ceramic pump TC–01 6 Jiangsu Wuxi
Linear Bearings LM10UU   LM12UU   LM20UU 90 IKO (Japan)
vacuum cleaner XCJ Series 1 The company produces


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