Meenjet MX4


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    Nozzle TIJ2.5 thermal foaming nozzle
    Operating System Linux
    Processor Quad-Core Processor, Main Frequency up to 14GHz
    Communication interface USB, RS232, WF-Fi, network port (customizable)
    Languages Chinese, English, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, German, etc
    Spray printing distance 2-5mm to ensure the best spray printing quality
    Jet printing accuracy up to 600dpi
    Spray printing height single spray printing minimum 1mm, spray printing maximum 50.8 mm
    Ink type and capacity water /42m, solvent /42m
    Ink color black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, invisible
    Spray printing content Chinese, English, numbers, symbols, two-dimensional codes, bar codes, pictures, dates, counters, variable data
    Spray printing materials plate, carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastic, electronic device, auto parts, etc
    Adapter Parameters 220+20% AC Input, 30V/10A DC Output
    Machine material aluminum alloy
    Machine size controller 185*125*34mm, spray head 138*100*136mm
    Weight of machine controller 0.58KG, nozzle 0.28KG*4
    Working environment temperature 0-45℃(20-30℃ is the best), humidity 40-60%Rh




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