Laser Engraving Machine 6090


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1.Engraving beautiful patterns and words such as wood, bamboo, Ivory, bone, leather, marble, shell

2.Mainly used in large plastic character cutting, color plate engraving, organic glass engraving and cutting, crystal engraving, trophy engraving, authorization engraving, etc.

3.Leathe Clothing Processing Industry:Can engraving and cutting complex patterns on genuine leather,synthet ic leather, leather, woolens, clothing, furnishings, glove, handbag, shoes, hats,toys, etc.

4.Model Industry: Production of construction sand table model and Aircraft Model, etc. ABC plate cutting, MLB cutting.

5.Pcking industru:Engraving and printing rubber plate,plastic plate,double board,die cut plate,etc.

6.Other Industry:Engraving on marble,granite,glass,crystal and other decorative materials,cut paper card.

7.Product identification industry:security marking products,etc.




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