1. Adjustable Speed and Power, Smooth and Precise Engraving and Cutting

2. USB Interface, U-Flash Disk Supported, Can work without a PC.

3. Air Assist, Remove heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface.

4. Embedded Exhaust Fan, Easier intall, Safer transport.

5. Rotary Axis, Engrave any cylindrical object.

6. Cellular platform, Leave no chippings on working area.

7. Intuitive Control Panel, Set Speed, power and more controls directly from the laser.

8. Water Cooling and Protection System.

9. Lsser position.

10. Emergency Stop Button.

11. Larger Size, 900*600mm working area.

12. Lifting platform is electric control.

13. Drag – and – chain transmission line

14. Laser focal length: 5CM


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