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FYF Series Fruits And Vegetables Crusher Machine

FYF Series Fruits And Vegetables Crusher Machine



Main Application:The machine is fruits and vegetables food processing machine which is used for restaurants, canteen of large-scale enterprises and Food factory. The machine is to grind fresh fruits and vegetables into mashed and particle form, such as garlic, ginger, vegetables, fresh chili and fruits.

Working principle:The machine is made up of material barrel, crushing knives, sealing parts, frame, and motor and driving shaft. The motor is in the frame box and the lower of driving shaft is directly installed on the shaft of motor, the driving shaft stretch into the material barrel and there are two pieces of blades on the top of the shaft. The blades are installed as X form so there would be no dead angel and improve the working efficiency. The blades are made of good quality stainless steel and heated; the blades are sharp, very hard and can use long time. The sealing parts between driving shaft and material barrel are made of silicon which are without noxious and pollution, good sealing and no leak.When working, put the clean raw materials into barrel and feed moderate water, starts the motor and let the blades rotary high speed, the raw materials will be particle form and will be mashed if still working. After working, you can open the top cover and let the barrel tilt, pour the materials and clean the barrel by water.


This machine is simple in structure, easy to assemble and clean the crushing chamber, and all parts contacting the material are made of stainless steel,acid and corrosion resistant, making crushed material be in conformity with hygiene requirement. In addition, this machine has smooth operation, convenient move, low noise, high crushing effect and low power consumption.


Model Volume of barrel Feeding volume Motor Power Spindle Speed overall dimension weight
FYF-10 10L 5L 0.37kw 2800r/min 350*290*750mm 25kg
FYF-30 30L 15L 1.5kw 2800r/min 460*450*1080mm 40kg


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