ES TIJ series inkjet printer


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ES TIJ series inkjet printer
The new appearance design of the sprinkler head and the smaller size enable the sprinkler head to be installed in any position. The unique nozzle makes it easier to insert and remove the ink cartridge, and it can better protect the nozzle. Simple and convenient UI design, the required functions can be easily found in 3 steps. The software has built-in ink cartridge printable quantity and cost calculation function.

ES TIJ inkjet printer can be connected with PLC via Ethernet, which is suitable for automation integrated system. At the same time, ES TIJ can also print real-time data and control operations in real-time. Support IO interface, connect alarm light and transmit signal.

Product features

Customized inkjet printer with simple and convenient UI design. Built-in print quantity measurement software can receive and print real-time data. It can connect to PLC equipment. The new print head design is easier to plug and unplug the ink cartridge, and it is not easy to damage the nozzle. It can print GS1 code suitable for the medical industry

Detailed parameters

Model ES TIJ series inkjet printer
Printing parameters
print height ES-1                            12.7mm

ES-2                          25.4mm

Max print speed 17个/s @ 300*300 DPI
Resolution 150-600 DPI
Printable content text,date,image,Jewish Calendar,database,Counters,Variable barcode,Real-time data
Product Parameters
Interface Type USB,proximity switch,Synchronizer,Alarm light,Ethernet,IO
Display 7-inch touch screen
Standard Accessories touch screen, HDMI cable,Power supply,printhead,proximity switch,Brackets,Stylus
Optional Accessories Alarm light,Synchronizer

Product application

Product application

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 42.5 × 30 × 11 cm

Working Environment

Product Weight

Length of single page

Object quantity

Dynamic object
Static object

Operating system

Software Technical Parameters

Storage environment

Power requirement



Ink-supply system

Printing resolution(max available printing speed)


Main engine size

Printhead height

Printhead technology

Product packing specification


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