EC Series inkjet printer


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EC Series inkjet printer
EC Series inkjet printer is developed based on HP TIJ 2.5 printing technology, with high resolution and high reliability.

EC Series can connect up to 8 print heads, and the print height can reach 101.6mm. Equipped with a 7-inch display, it is light in weight and can be installed in a limited space area.  EC Series can be connected to PLC via Ethernet and is suitable for various automated production systems. In addition, EC Series can also print real-time text, and can carry out real-time control. EC Series has many special functions and customized versions for different industries. And each nozzle can print different content as an independent individual, and can also receive different production line speeds or sensor.

Product features

The multifunctional inkjet printer can be connected to 8 nozzles, any combination is suitable for various automated production systems. Each print head can work independently. It has high stability and high reliability. It can print real-time text and can be controlled in real time. It has many Industry-specific features and customized versions

Detailed parameters

Modal EC JET Series inkjet printer
Printing parameters
print height EC-1                         12.7mm

EC-8                         101.6mm

Max print speed 25个/s @ 300*300 DPI
Resolution 150-300 DPI
Printable content text,date,image,Jewish Calendar,database,Counters,Real-time data
Product Parameters
Interface Type USB,proximity switch,Synchronizer,Alarm light,Ethernet
Display 7-inch touch screen
Standard Accessories touch screen, Power supply,printhead, proximity switch, Ink-absorbing clip, Brackets,Stylus, U disk
Optional Accessories Alarm light,Synchronizer

Product application

Product application-1

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 42.5 × 30 × 11 cm

Working Environment

Product Weight

Length of single page

Object quantity

Dynamic object
Static object

Operating system

Software Technical Parameters

Storage environment

Power requirement



Ink-supply system

Printing resolution(max available printing speed)


Main engine size

Printhead height

Printhead technology

Product packing specification


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