DZ-290A Household Vacuum Sealer

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1.Widely applied to dry/wetlsoft/powder/liquid products. Sealing time could be adjusted intelligently .

2.Using copper sheet to heat (5mm width), which make the perfect sealing and avoid air leakage for a long time.

3.One machine multipurpose, can be used for vacuuming bags, jars or other packages, convenient and practical.

4.Newly added fiter cup, which can clean the hydrops and residues by outside pumping and ensure the food green and healthy.

5.No need for special bags, all kinds of bags can be sealed.

6.Driven by gear motor, it enables the machine to stretch out and draw back freely.

Product Detail:


Voltage (VIHz) 110/60 220/50
sealing Power (W) 220
Vacuum Presure (kpa) 80
Vacuum & Sealing time (Sec.) 6~12
Sealing time (Sec.) 1.5~15
External dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) 390*148*72


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