Blister Sealing Machine / XBF-750

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1.XBF-750 automatichigh speed blister packing sealing machine is suitable for transparent P V C attracting models and revertex card seal together.

2.lt is transparent, artistic, moisture-proof, dust-proof, guarding against disperses after the product seals packing.

3.lt is widely used in hardware, toy, stationery, eyeglasses,small daily use artides,battery, andicraft.auto fitig eletricapplance part souwenir,commodity pacingand so on.

Product Detail:


Power (V/Hz) AC 220/50
Sealing Power (w) 2000w
Sealing Diameter(mm) 20-(p130(The best Diameter is$30-(p120)
Bottle Height (mm) 40-400
Sealing Speed (m/ Min) 2月12日
Load of conveyor(kg) ≤20
Housing material Paint housing
Housing protection grade IP2I
External Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1550×550×1350
weight (kg) 70


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