Automatic Weighing Machine / CJD-25IIZ


The machine consists of a hopper vibration feeder, weighing device, weigh hopper, door-opening device, etc

lt can be integrated with an elevator belt conveyor and bag sealer/band sealer to form a production line.

Elevator is used to elevate the product to the hopper of this weighing machine.

The machine automates the process of weighing, conveying and sealing, featured by ease of operation & maintenance.

lt is ideal for packaging bulk products in the fields of cereal product, feed processing, cement chemical, etc

Product Detail:


Voltage (VIHz) 380/50 220/60 (3PH)
Gas source Pressure (kglcm2 6
Weighing Range (kg/bag) 25~50
weighing Speed (bags/h) 800
Weighing Accuracy 0.20%
Packing Bag Size (mm) Bag top width 400~600 Bag length 700~950


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