Weighing Packing Machine / HLNV-680


  • New design with perfect fashionable, more reasonable structure, more advanced technology.
  • Longitudinal sealing is used by four sides with hot sealing type, bag is more beautiful and shape stabilization.
  • lmported PLC control system, colorful touch screen,
  • easy operating, intuitionistic and efficient.
  • Standard positioning with imported servo film transporting system and mark sensor, super excellent capability for complete machine, perfect packaging
  • With auto warning protection function to minimize loss.
  • With double transporting devices, angle fold devices and retainer devices, function more perfect.
  • Various kinds of bags, it could provide the hang hole bag, link bag and more.
  • Automatic correct function, save time, labor and film, the operating more intelligent.Adopt external film feeding mechanism.
  • Film setting be more easy and quick.
  • Double-servo devices, vacuum film feeding devices, hole-punching device, link
  • bag devices.
  • Applies to the packing machine leavened food, small biscuits, rice crust, toys and other particulate products.

Product Detail:


Film width 260-680mm (maximum)
Bag length 80-420mm
Bag width 80-220mm
Film roll diameter 320mm (maximum)
Packaging speed 10-30bags/minute (according to the product conditions)
Range of measurement 150ml-2000ml
Power 220V,50/6OH,3kW
Machine size (L x W x H) 1590 x 1500x 2408mm


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