Vacuum Feeder ZKS-3





The vacuum feeder manufactured by our company is a newly developed product which is the most advanced, ideal vacuum conveying equipment for conveying powder material, granular material, mixture of powder and granular material . It can not only automatically convey a variety of materials to the mixing machine, packing machine, injection molding machine, and grinder but also directly deliver the mixed materials to the mixing machine such as v-type mixing machine, two dimensions mixer and three dimensions mixer. It can reduce the labor intensity and prevent the dust overspill. Pharmaceutical factories and food factories can use it to promote clean production and pass the GMP certification.


The vacuum feeder consists of vacuum pump(oil-free or water-free, ), vacuum hopper, filter(polyester coated, pe, 316L stainless steel, titanium),compressed air backflushing device,pneumatic feeding door device, automatic material level control device, stainless steel suction nozzle, conveying hose. The whole equipment is well designed and manufactured.


Mode Motor Power Conveying Capacity
ZKS-1 1.5 400
ZKS-2 2.2 6o0
zKS-3 3 1200
ZKS-4 5.5 2500
zKS-6 5.5 3200
ZKS-7 7.5 6000
ZKS-10_6 7.5 6000 ( conveying distance 10meters)
ZKS-20-5 11 5000(conveying distance 20meters )



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