Herbs grinder machine YF-103B



Grinding more humanized swing grinding  .

Swing grinding speed, high efficiency, more delicate and uniform grinding  .

Super crushing can not drop slag double knife steel high-speed crushing  

Stainless steel drawing process, beautiful health, permanent time  


model capacity voltage power Motor speed The weight of the fineness(orders) Overall dimensions
YF-111B 100g 220V/50Hz 350W 25000r/min 2.4kg 30-200 160X160X315
YF-103B 200g 800W 4.0kg 180X170X360
YF-114B 200g 900W 5.3kg 180X180X340
YF-116B 300g 1100W 7.5kg 210X210X350
YF-118B 400g 1200W 8.0kg 220X220X360
YF-150B 500g 1300W 8.2kg 230X230X360
YF-800 800g 2100W 9.5kg 240X240X360
YF-1000 1000g 2300W 11kg 250X250X390


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