WCSJ Series Dust Collecting Coarse Crusher



Main Application:Applied as supporting equipment before fine crushing process in such trades as pharmaceutical chemical and foodstuff etc., this machine is a new generation coarse crushing equipment combining crushing and dust collection as a whole.

Working principle:This machine is of vertical crushing structure, and the material is fed into the crushing chamber through a hopper, crushed by simultaneous cutting of both fixed and movable knives and rotating impact of rotating knife, and enters into the catcher automatically under the effect of rotating centrifugal force, and the dust is filtered and recovered by dust collector through a bag. Designed according to GMP standard and wholly made of stainless steel, this machine has no flying dust during production, and can improve the utilization rate of material and reduce the cost of enterprise, thus reaching the international avanced level.


This machine is simple in structure, easy to assemble and clean the crushing chamber, and all parts contacting the material are made of stainless steel,acid and corrosion resistant, making crushed material be in conformity with hygiene requirement. In addition, this machine has smooth operation, convenient move, low noise, high crushing effect and low power consumption.


Model Prdouction Capacity Feeding Size Output Size Spindle Speed Crushing motor Dust collecting motor overall dimension weight
WCSJ-20B IV,V 100-500kg/h ≤100mm 0.5-20mm 960r/min 5.5KW 1.5kw 700*800*1100mm 500kg
WCSJ-320B IV,V 300-1200kg/h ≤100mm 0.5-20mm 1070r/min 11KW 1.5kw 880*900*1250mm 850kg


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