tablet coating machine BYA-800



This machine is a simple coater composed of water chestnut coater and auxiliary liquid spraying device. Because of the addition of liquid spraying device, the machine makes the coater uniform, which is more ideal than the original coater.


  • The machine is mainly composed of main engine and liquid supply system.
  • The main engine is connected directly with the reducer by a speed-regulating motor. The reducer lubrication is fully enclosed and immersed lubrication, the grease is not easy to dry, and the structure is compact. Easy operation, perfect coating speed.
  • Liquid supply system: liquid supply from high to low artesian, as long as the liquid is added to the liquid cup, open the switch below, the slurry can artesian to the spray gun. Spray gun imported from Japan spray gun, spray evenly.


MODEL BYA-300 BYA-400 BYA-600 BYA-800 BYA-1000
Diameter of coating pot (mm) 300 400 600 800 1000
Production capacity (kg/ time) 2–3 5–7 10–20 30-50 50-70
Angle 30° 30° 0-32° 0-32° 0-32°
Speed of coating pot (r/min) 1-46 1-46 1-40 1-32 1-32
Main motor power (KW) 0.12 0.12 0.75 1.1 1.5
Heating power (W) 700 700 1000 3000 3000
Blower power (W) 60 60 100 200 200
Compressed air consumption 1000l/mim(Bring your own)
Compressed air pressure 4-6kg/cm(Bring your own)


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