single punch tablet press machine THDP-5



Thdp-5 single tablet press is a special tablet press produced by our company. High pressure, high yield, about 9 minutes can be pressed 1 can of milk powder (800-900 g/can), 1 hour can be pressed 7 cans of milk powder. The fuselage is made of steel main frame, which is more solid, no cracks are used for a long time with high strength, large pressure, and the tablet pressing is easy and not easy to appear the card machine; Less wearing parts, not prone to failure; The machine is light, easy to carry out activities. Worm gear rotation, low noise. The pressure adjustment part is the new type of knurled screw, can be adjusted without wrench, simple to use, easy to adjust. It is a small desktop electric continuous tablet pressing machine. Only one punch die can be installed on the machine, tablets of different shapes and sizes can be pressed by changing the die, the filling depth of materials and the thickness of tablets can be adjusted.


Tablet pressure (Kn) 0-50
Tablet diameter (mm) 5–18
Filling depth (mm) 0-18
Tablet thickness (mm) 0-7
Production Capacity (PCS /h) 4200
Motor power (Kw) 0.75
Overall size (mm) 500*430*670
Machine weight (Kg) 75



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