single punch tablet press machine TDP-5



Tdp-5 single tablet press is used to press various granular raw materials into wafers and various geometric shapes. It is suitable for laboratory production and small-scale tablet production.


It is characterized by a small desktop electric continuous tablet pressing machine, can also be hand-cranked. Only one punch die can be installed on the machine, tablets of different shapes and sizes can be pressed by changing the die, the filling depth of materials and the thickness of tablets can be adjusted.


Tablet pressure (Kn) 50
Tablet diameter (mm) 5–16
Filling depth (mm) 0-12
Tablet thickness (mm) 0-6
Production Capacity (PCS /h) 4000
Motor power (Kw) 0.75
Overall size (mm) 720*400*790
Machine weight (Kg) 125



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