SF-1300Desktop Automatic Electromagnetic Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine




With a belt and a no-foil bottle eliminating mechanism, SF-1600 is applicable for the products requiring high sealing quality.


1. Display working voltage, current, 304 stainless steel appearance;

2. Knob adjustment, button switch, easy to operate;

3. Over current pressure, automatic protection, safe and reliable;

4. The seal adopts handwheel lifting, easy to use;

5. Fast sealing speed, suitable for mass production;

6. Equipped with conveyor belt, bottle table, strong function, can work continuously.


Power   diameter AC220V 50/60Hz 2000W
 Seal diameter φ15-60mm
Sealing speed 0-200Bottle/min
Conveyor belt speed 0-12.5m/min
Sealing height 20×180mm
Host size 805×395×330mm
Packing size 970×515×475mm
Weight 34㎏


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