SBH50 three-dimensional swing mixer



This machine is widely used in the mixing of dry powder materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. It can also mix several materials with different specific gravity and different particle sizes quickly and evenly. The machine uses the unique triangular swing, translational rotation and rock and roll principle to produce a strong alternating pulse motion, continuously pushing the mixture material, the vortex generated by it has a changing energy gradient, which can produce an excellent mixing effect.

The machine also has the advantages of stable operation, low noise, high loading factor and short mixing time. The machine is composed of a base, a frequency conversion brake motor main shaft, a rotary connecting rod and a cylinder. The loaded cylinder is driven by the driving shaft to move in parallel and rock and roll, which promotes the three-way compound movement of the material along the cylinder, radially and axially, so as to realize the mutual flow and diffusion of multiple materials. , Doping, in order to achieve the purpose of high uniform mixing.


Model number SBH-50
Volume of mixing tank (L) 50
Maximum loading volume (L) 40
Maximum loading weight (KG) 30
Spindle speed (rpm) 0-12
Motor power (KW) 0.75


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