RMD-DT02 Sanitizer Tunnel


Raymond RMD-DT02 sanitizer tunnel  is powerful, adopts, lightwave sterilization, 360 ° all-round sterilization and anti-virus technology, atomized nozzles are densely covered inside the door frame, and matrix-type dead-end whole-body sterilization. Humanized, reasonable layout, will not cause discomfort to the respiratory tract and other organs.

At the same time, the human body temperature alarm and the thermal imaging body temperature detector can be added to detect the body temperature of the personnel.

The disinfection solvent is food-grade, and non-contact disinfection is adopted for passing persons and articles.

The overall stainless steel material is resistant to corrosion and deformation and can be easily moved. 220V / 110V, convenient to switch, simple to operate, economical and environmentally friendly, used directly after purchase, saves time and labor, and is suitable for schools, hotels, stations, shopping malls and other crowded places.


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