RM20 Laser Marking Machine


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20W hottest RM20 Laser Marking /Coding Machine from Raymond

This laser marking machine widely used in the industry of food, beverage,wine,electronic components, cables and so on. It can be used to mark on different metals, electroplating surface of metals, PVC,PET,ABS,PP,etc.

●IP56, ensure that the machine work properly in harsh environments.

●Advanced Encryption measures, the allocation of rights, to facilitate management. Set permissions depending on the user,  the user can access and only can visit their authorized parts.

●With an emerge button. An exception occurs in the production process; press the button to protect personal safety and  equipment safety quickly.

●Having unexpected power protection function, it will preserved all work status before the power failure. Protect customer    data, to ensure high stability of the equipment and life.

●Having multiple operating modes can be adapted to different production methods. Supports static marking, simulation  speed, synchronous speed coding, and coding pipeline (meter counting).

●Using high-speed galvanometer. Being more flexible to improve the stability and reliability of laser positioning accuracy and  the entire system’s long-running. To meet production requirements.

●It cans editable text, date, serial number, random codes, bar codes, and two-dimensional code. Support “TXT” file format  into dynamic information, a variety of fonts to choose from.

●This equipment uses the TCP / IP communications. Customer can use local area network to have a remote operation.

●It has online editing function. Suitable for the production line to modify coding information immediately. To improve    production efficiency, reduce unnecessary losses.

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