Raymond Industrial Inkjet Printer R690 SERIES


Raymond Industrial Inkjet Printer R690 SERIES is  friendly and reliable coding  and marking solution for users. This series printer doesn’t require much attention by operator as it has self-cleaning print head, Modular Heating Nozzle, simple interface, diaphragm pump and accurate ink droplet dispersion technology. These high equippedparts will provide more reliable, clearer and accurate ink jet printing results. Raymond Industrial Inkjet Printer R690 SERIES  works when the inks are ejected continuously from a single spray head and form ink dots after crystal oscillating. The dots are to be scanned to characters on the surface of moving object after electrification and high voltage deflection.

● RAY JET R690 series continuous inkjet printer can able to print maximum of 4 lines of text, bar codes, 2D codes,
Serial Numbers, Graphics and logos at a high speed of 280meter per minute.
● Simple interface with keypad helps in easy creation and editing of messages.
● This series printer allows USB connection allows to transfer messages between different printers.
● Optimized print head heating thermostatic system maintains the print head temperature at a very stable state
which will result in more flexibility even in extreme environments.
● Automatic print head cleaning system will clean the print head at start up and shut down.
● Separate designs of solenoid valve provide easy, effective and fast maintenance.
● This series printer available in colors Black, Red, Blue & Yellow


Print head is designed with double solenoid valves inside, Modular Heating
● Unique Ink viscosity and liquid level detection technology is present.
● Switches are designed as Non-contact high voltage switch.
● Available Font Options: 5×5, 5×7, 7×9, 11×9, 16×12, 24×18, 32×24.
● Maximum Print Dot available is 34.
● Character height ranging from 2-18 mm.
● Print Distance: Best distance 10mm and range is 5-15mm.
● Power Supply will be 200-240V/50-60 Hz.
● Functioning Temperature ranges from 5°C to 45 °C.
● Functioning Humidity ranges from 0-90%

4CP-60Si Standard Model.
● 4CP-50Si High Speed Model.
● 4CP-40Si Micro-Character Model.
● 4CP-60Pi Pigment Ink Model.
● 4CP-60SPi Light Pigment Ink Model.


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