QF-60OL(S) Pneumatic Sealer




1.QF-6OLThe machine is widely used in chemical industry foodstufeedstuffindutries to seal various plastic film bags and compound bag with max.sealing lengthof 600mm and max. carrying load of 5O0kg . lt adopts compressed air as motive power with variable sealing pressure and reliable sealing quality

The sealing operation can be controlled by manual or through using pedal switch, featuring ease of operation.

For relatively thick bag, you can choose model QF -600L /S with double heating function.

According to special order, the sealing length can be increased to 800mm, 1000mm.

The machine can also be integrated into a conveyor or a production line.


Product Detail:


Voltage (VIHz) AC 220/50 110/60
sealing Power (W) 500(800)
Air compressor(W) (Mpa) 0.5(Equipped by User)
Seal Length (mm) 600.800、1000
seal Width (mm) 10
Distance from Sealing Center to Conveyor (mm) 1140
Film Thickness(single layer)(mm) ≤0.18
Max.Package Sealing load(mm) 200-750
Max. Sealing Load(kg) 50
Adjustable angle of Pressing Head () 20
External Dimensions(L×W*H)(mm)
Net Weight (kg) 80


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