PY-160 High Speed Drug Tablet Picker



High speed drug tablet picking machine is an automatic pill picking (stripping) machine which can recycle the medicine in the aluminum plastic blister packing plate with defects. It is in the 304 brand stainless steel shell, micro motor, one stage reducer, roller combination, guide plate combination pellet-retaining rubber plate sequence connection, equipped with electrical brake switch and lock switch. The micro motor and a stage reducer drive a set of rollers simulating the action of stripping pills manually to peel off the aluminum plastic blister plate of the whole plate from the defective packaging plate, and collect the pills and packages separately through the guide plate and the pellet-blocking rubber plate.


1. Good appearance, simple and generous, not complicated, easy to clean, user-friendly design, easy to use, safe.

2.304 stainless steel, good material; Using pure PU material roller, wear-resistant, will never drop debris, maximum protection from any secondary pollution.

3. Equipment with high precision, good use effect, capsules, pills from the aluminum plastic plate out completely, won’t crush capsules and pills, long service life of the equipment.

4. Reasonable design, pay attention to details, the whole design process from the actual user’s point of view, safe operation, easy to move, different size, arrangement of medicine plate adjustment is convenient, no need to change the mold. Maximum close to the actual use of the workshop needs.

5. The product has been recognized by European and American customers, and has been highly evaluated by domestic users. It has good effect, small and flexible, convenient and practical. European and American quality, mid-range price, cost-effective.


Working mode Fully automatic
Counting mode automatic
The work efficiency 220-280 boards/min
Scope of application Capsule, tablet, soft capsule, candy all aluminum packaging, aluminum aluminum packaging, aluminum aluminum packaging
Apply medicine plate The granule should be arranged horizontally and vertically
Replace the mould Don’t need to die
The transmission part Linear guide rail – Taiwan HIWIN
Motor and governor Taizhou TAILI TAILI
counter Korea Otto Nicks
The power supply requirements 220V AC:50-60HZ
Rated power 360W (adjustable speed)
Equipment weight 65KG
Overall dimensions 900*500*1200mm
The equipment material Stainless steel 304


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