Portable/Mobile Large Character Inkjet Printer GT250


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Portable/mobile Large character inkjet printer GT250

GT250 Inkjet Printer (Hand Jet Printer)

Technical characteristics

The hand jet printer connect to host (PC) by Bluetooth, the host (PC) can control more than one handset.

You can edit the message in the PC by what you see what you get, and set, modify the print parameters; apply the location sensor (the pending patent) instead using encoder.

You can rotate the print head to get different printing height of characters, and can print fontbold ( max. 4 colum).

Build in auto-ink pressure device, and removable ink cartridge.

It is easy to maintain the print nozzle, and can be suitable to use in MEK, n-Propanol ink.

You can choice multi-font to print.


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Applicable Industries

It is mainly used in jet printing the data, time, count, and so on. It Widely applies in food, drink, medicine, chemical industry, cement industry etc.. It can print in the permeable surface (for example cartons, template, textile and so on) and the non-permeable surface (for example reflex paper box, metal tubing, plastic tubing, ceramics, knitting belt and so on)





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