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Pill Counter Machine YL-4


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This machine is a semi-automatic counting and bottle filling machine for capsule, tablets, soft gel capsule, and pills. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, herbal, food and chemical industries.


The number of grains can be set arbitrarily from 0 to 9999. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, in line with GMP requirements. Easy to operate without special training. Special electric eye protection device, code can save the code, rotary counting design, counting speed, stable operation.

The rotation speed of the number of grains can be adjusted according to the speed of manual bottle. The machine is equipped with a dust collecting device, which can avoid the shadow of dust on the machine. The vibration frequency of the granule storage tank can be adjusted according to the need of granule sending.

Yl-4: a number of two bottles, two bottles after the number of automatic counting of the other two bottles, so that two hands to take the bottle, the speed of the bottle is twice,


Model YL-4 YL-2 YL-2A
Lx WxH 920x740x880mm 810×720x840mm 440×370x580mm
voltage 110-220V 50Hz-60Hz 110-220V 50Hz-60Hz 110-220V 50Hz-60Hz
Net ‘wWt. 78kg 65kg 20kg
Capacity 2000-3500 Tabs’Min 1000-1800Tabs/Min 500-1000Tabs/Min
Power 0.15kw 0.15kw 0.1kw


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