NQF-300B automatic pouch opening powder machine

NQF-300B Automatic Capsule Separating Machine


NQF-800B Automatic Capsule Separating Machine

NQF-300B automatic pouch opening powder machine
NQF-600B Automatic Pouch Opening Powder Machine

NQF-600B Automatic Capsule Separating Machine


NQF-600B Automatic Capsule Separating Machine


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Nqf-600b automatic capsule separating machine is suitable for automatic separation of body and cap of unqualified hard capsules filled with powder and recovery of powder in the capsules. It is suitable for drug recovery of 00#-4# capsules. Instant discovery, instant processing. The problem of drug mixing in centralized processing has been avoided


(1) The machine conforms to GMP specification, with high working efficiency;

(2) This machine adopts the principle of artificial extraction to simulate the design, which can avoid the disadvantages of other similar equipment easy to produce capsule fragments by knife cutting principle;

(3) This machine replaces the traditional processing method, ergonomic design, very suitable for high output, expensive powder, strict requirements of manufacturers;

(4) Small size, easy to clean and maintain.


Production efficiency: 400-600 grains/min

Power supply: 220V 50HZ 1A, 18O W

Volume: 50 x 50 x 120 cm³

Weight: 100 kg


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