Model YK-160 Swing Granulator



Rapid mixer granulator is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff trades etc., It can make wet powdery material into granulates or crush block dry material, as well as carry out speedy granulation.

The roller is swung repeatedly through mechanical driving, which makes the material extruded from sieve, further granulated or crushed or speedily pelletized.


  1. This Swing granulating  equipment makes use of the rolling motion of rotating barrel, granulating the wet powder materials into granule by sieve. It also can be used for crushing the agglomerate material into small granules directly
  2. In chemical medicine field, it can be used for granulating the mixed powder into granule, and compressed into tablet after being dried. Moreover, it can be used to granulate the coagulated material that is formed during storage or during chemical processing. In food industry, it can be used to deal with the candy and sugar mixture as well as barley milk products, in other industries. It can be used for granulating such as porcelain and plastic mixtures into forming granules.
  3. It is not suitable for solid, fluid medium, paste or pulverizing.
  4. Its  mesh number of meshed sieve should be prepared by users themselves according to the size of granule.




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