Manual Tablet Counter MTC-100




Allpack manual tablet counter is used for counting when filled capsules are bottled or bagged! The counting is fast and accurate, and can avoid direct contact with drugs and capsules, so as to ensure the hygiene of drugs and capsules. It is an ideal alternative tool for counting machine( If it is used for counting soft capsules, tablets and dense pills, it shall be designed and made according to the shape of soft capsules, tablets and dense pills).


  • Used for counting and bottling hollow capsules and filled good capsules, soft capsules, pills, pills, such as 100 pills, accurate counting, and can avoid direct contact with drugs, capsules, so as to ensure the health of drugs, capsules.
  •  Capsule and tablet counting board is used for counting and packing all kinds of seeds. The products are designed according to user requirements, and the counting hole is set according to user requirements. The product can easily and quickly implement the counting of capsules and tablets.


Pharmaceutical capsule counting board can count 40, 50, 90, 100, etc., high efficiency, accurate counting

 Applicable capsule: 0#-4#


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