Manual Capsule Filling Machine AS-187


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The product is composed of guiding arrangement plate, cap plate, middle plate, body plate and powder plate processed by 4 organic glass plates, with smooth surface, bright color and good toughness; Easy to use, fast and convenient filling, uniform loading; Mechanical arrangement design, fast arrangement speed, high automatic arrangement rate; Implement the whole plate arrangement, the whole plate filling, the whole plate capping (namely the whole plate locking), the locking speed is fast, the qualified rate is high; Direct contact with capsules and powder by hand can be avoided.

Application: This product solves the problem of small batch processing, production, homemade capsule capsule filling, suitable for pharmaceutical, health care products, hospital preparations, health food, cosmetics, animal drugs and other industries to produce capsule preparations and Chinese medicinal materials processing, pharmacy, family, laboratory filling capsules.


Body plate leveling, arrangement of plate on the body board (that) two layers deep, hole alignment of disc and body panels, grasp several capsule (short capsules capsule, capsule cap) into the box, carries the body plate and arrangement/swinging up and down (note block arrangement of plate gap with the hand, in order to avoid capsule fell from gap), the capsule will fall into the hole body plate capsule, Then pour out the excess capsules through the gap and remove the tray. If some of the body plate fell into the reverse, the upper layer of the body plate with one hand to press down a little, exposing the capsule body, the reverse of the removal can be adjusted.

The arrangement of the capsule cap is the same as that of the capsule body. Arrange the capsule cap onto the cap plate (two shallow layers) in the same way as above.

Three, to the body plate filling powder. Pour the powder on the body board with the powder scraping board back and forth, after the capsule is filled with powder, scrape off the excess powder on the body board (if the powder is to be packed more tightly, the body board can be vibrated several times on the table, and then the powder is loaded).

4. The middle plate (the single layer one) with notched faces up on both sides is placed on the cap plate to align, then the two plates are turned over together (180°), buckle on the body plate to align, gently press down, and then flip the whole set of capsule plates to make the body plate up and the cap plate down, and then press down on the body plate to the bottom with both hands. For large plates (such as 209 or 400), press a few times in each place, remove the body plates, turn the middle plate and the cap plate over again, remove the cap plate, and pour the locked capsule out of the middle plate.


Product composition: frame plate, cap plate, intermediate plate, body plate, powder pressing plate, powder scraping board

Product model: AS-187 (187 capsule holes on the arrangement plate)

Production: about 3000-5000 grains/hour

Product specifications: 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4# (corresponding to the same type of capsule)

Application: used for 00#-4# capsule cap, body and filling powder

Product material: organic glass plate

Accuracy of template: R0.05mm

Loading accuracy: W±5%


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