Top Quality of Single Punch Tablet Press Machine

ZP5/7/9 Top Quality of Single Punch Tablet Press Machine(reinforcing type)


China unique ZPW-4-4 Rotary Block Press (compressed biscuit making machine)

China unique ZPW-4-4 Rotary Block Press (compressed biscuit making machine)
High speed high capacity GZPS660 series rotary tablet press machine

High speed high capacity GZPS660 series western medicine pill making rotary tablet press machine




This machine is one kind of double side rotary tablet press machine, which can press granular materials into round shape tablet, irregular tablet or double-side engraved tablet. This machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemistry, foodstuff, electronic industries.

  1. High speed with large quantity punches, double press rollers, suitable for mass production.
  2. Made of stainless steel, the housing is fully closed. The surface of the rotary turret is covered with a hardened layer so that the turret surface is wear resistant. The machine conforms to GMP requirements.
  3. Perfect tableting system, twice compression forming, reasonable framework with proper space and big pressure roller, machine performance is reliable and no tablet weight difference.
  4. Three impellers type force feeder, improve granules flow-ability and filling performance, ensure the filling precision.
  5. Tooling track adopt double-side lifting structure, the punches are balanced stress and wear resistance.
  6. Reliable electronic control system, advanced control principle, and reliable imported components ensure the selection of various programs and interlocking protection functions. The control system can accurately monitor the entire production process.
  7. The first waste rejection controller, the rotary encoder, the pressure sensor, the waste solenoid valve, etc. can be used to eliminate the unit of the waste sheet in the state of the tablet.
  8. The gap type small flow quantitative automatic pressure lubrication system is equipped with a high-precision central lubrication pump, which not only ensures sufficient lubrication of the punch and the track, but also solves the problem of contaminating the tablet with oil. The progressive sealed semi-automatic grease lubrication system ensures the Fat lubrication is clean, convenient and reliable.
  9. Special oil proof, dust proof and noise proof design.


  1. GZPS660 Model adopt advanced operation system and tablet weight control system, adjust each operation parameter (main pressure, pre-pressure and filling depth) easily without handwheel. Effective detecting and adjusting for tablet hardness and weight is achieved.
  2. GZPS660 Model can record all the process parameters for each production batch, it is convenient for operator to control the machine.




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